August 2023 Influences

Hey folks, I want to share what I am working. A Building a Second Brain book club, books and media, and a tea ceremony.

At the end of September we are going to start the journey of Building a Second Brain with a book club. Four weeks.

  • Introduction
  • How a Second Brain works, Capture, and Organize.
  • Distill, Express, and Creative Execution
  • Improving your new system.

The Gift to my Future Self

Gift to my Future Self

Distillation. How do you do it?

Talking to people is the quickest way to validate and move forward. Once you have a structure, you can sequence what seems most valuable. More details can be added. What is the process for receiving feedback? A safe question can be asked during ceremonies, rituals, and meetings. With that information, you can write about what people want.

At the end of October, I will learn more from this small group book club.

Books and Media

Tea Ceremony

I enjoy green tea, matcha, and tea ceremonies with my wife. Did I really enjoy drinking that tea in the past? Savoring the moment, embracing the process, and being present are the goals.

  • Preparation
  • Add matcha to your bowl.
  • Boil water and pour.
  • Whisk and scrub the powder until frothy.
  • Savor the taste.