Articles by Alan Barr

Scraping HTML to save leads to a database

I built an HTML scraper to save leads to a database and learned about dotnet core in the process.

Setting the right website headers for security

I attempted to set proper security headers for my website and found out what these changes do and why

Website Performance

Optimizing a website for performance and what utilities are available for that.

Visualizing Quality Attributes with Neo4J and VisJS

In this article I discuss how one can import data about quality attributes into Neo4J and render with a VisJS network graph

Creating a node api app service in Azure

In order to publish a chart from pivotal trackers api I needed an api service to get the data I needed for my website. With my Visual ...

Supervised Machine Learning Algorithms

As part of the machine learning course from Udacity I attempt to understand how different supervised learning algorithms work for ...

Introduction to Machine Learning

Alan discusses working on the udacity 120 machine learning course and understanding what it means to use naive bayes and support vector ...

HTTPS on Nearly Free Speech Net with Lets Encrypt

I found a simple way to get https setup on my blog which only took about an hour to do.

JSON parsing in Python and Rust

I tried to parse a 2GB file of new line delimited JSON with Python then determined if I could parse it faster in Rust.

Agile Days Presentations

My company had a mini conference where I had the opportunity to speak on a couple topics I am interested in.

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