Articles by Alan Barr

Export ServiceNow Report CSV to Airtable

Airtable is a slick hyped up spreadsheet with a reasonable API. I illustrate how to sync report data to Airtable.

Using SQL queries in Google Sheets for Aggregating Values

Using SQL queries in google sheets makes in easy to create aggregates

My March 2019 Influential Books and Podcasts

Resources that I have been listening to and reading lately

Persuasive Software Testing Course Udemy Stats

Early statistics from the launch of my udemy course

Platform Product Management and Beginning Transformations

Moving into a platform product management role and the challenges of just starting

Persuasive Software Testing Course Udemy

High Leverage Communication Techniques for Software Testers

Persuasive Software Testing Early Access

Sign up with your email and receive early access to a portion of the course content

Selling Bugs using Vocal Tone to make your case

A sample of a topic in my persuasion course

Selling Bugs for Software Testers Course

A course on being a more persuasive software tester

Influencing Change

How do you convince others to make a change?

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