Articles by Alan Barr

Persuasive Software Testing Early Access

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Selling Bugs using Vocal Tone to make your case

A sample of a topic in my persuasion course

Selling Bugs for Software Testers Course

A course on being a more persuasive software tester

Influencing Change

How do you convince others to make a change?

My March 2019 Influential Books and Podcasts

Books and podcasts that have helped me recently

The Evolution of Software Testing

Where testing was and where it is going

Using Python to programmatically distort images

Using python and the imgaug library to generate distorted images for testing

Introduction to Screen Scraping

In this tutorial I tell you what screen scraping is and how to implement it in various languages

Scraping HTML with PHP Node and Puppeteer

Scraping dynamic html with PHP, Puppeteer, and NodeJS

Utilizing a Rubric to share expectations of the QA Engineer Role

Using a rubric to share out the details of how testing is done

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