Custom Language Learning Application

Posted by Alan Barr on Sun 28 June 2020

Creating a custom language learning application

Language App

I am creating a personal language learning application. The concept behind it is that I struggle with flashcard spaced repetition software like Anki because I struggle to make cards. I stumbled upon a service called "Youglish", a YouTube caption search engine for learning pronunciation. The benefit of this application is that a user can customize their experience more than the Youglish website. The idea is that a user would input a word or phrase in their target language and also define it in their native language. Then a user could upload an image representing the concept. Or listen to or record their pronunciation after listening to curated YouTube videos for specific words or phrases.

Name Description
Handwriting Support Learn how to write the characters and get practice. Images of native writing
Images Handwriting, representation of the action, situation
Video Youglish Pronunciation
Recording Audio Practice the pronunciation
Rating the pronunciation Is it possible to analyze the sound and be accurate?
Relationships Family it would show the image and the names of all the family but you would need to answer a portion of that image that was hidden
Management Page I can create my own quiz book and import data into it
Quiz Book Editing page I can editing each of my quiz books
Personal Quiz Run through a daily allotment of words or phrases
User Management
User Quiz Book Management
Spaced Repetition Algorithm Like anki to space out when a topic should return for a review
MVP random database selection Present something pseudo random
Flip between source and target language User should attempt to try answering in their source language or their target language
Alternate between presenting text, images, or audio Provide variety for users
Have native speakers record their pronunciation difficult to learn if hearing the word in a full sentence
Present images of relations with cloze deletion i want to learn concepts that are related and I can present an image

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