June 2023 Influences

It is the end of June!  In this mini-post here I’m going to share a few of my books and media, a great Building a Second Brain visual book summary I found, and if you are interested I would like feedback on an outline I’m working on a presentation. The last month I was working on my Camunda talk on how to test business processes. In all, I realized that there is a lot of effort in coding and building. All great things in life are shaped moment by moment.

In this post, I want to reflect how I understand and apply Building a Second Brain. In general, the discipline of writing is the most important decision you need to make. After I read the book Building a Second Brain I realized that you likely have enough information, experiences, and deliverables that you’ve created over time. The next step is understanding how to create a cycle of writing so that it is natural and automatic.

Books and Media

Building a Second Brain - Visual Summary

Book Summary Visual

Building a Second Brain for Software Engineers - Outline

I’m working on a presentation on the book Building a Second Brain for Software Engineers. Please give me feedback on my outline, so I can improve the structure and content for developers that need help with their writing.

Software engineers and technologists are usually context-switching constantly, which makes it difficult to focus and return to the main idea. I want to change the writing process to a cycle of writing that provides you with a quick feedback loop on what matters. We can assemble our writing into various forms naturally with minimal hesitation.

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