I purchased a nespresso vertuo coffee maker and decided to make a list of the coffees available. My custom list is for keeping track of the types of grinds that I like and make sure I order more of those.

Pod ImageNameDescriptionSizeIntensityVarietyPrice / PodLimited Edition
AflorazioGran Lungo4No
Aged SumatraLimited Edition. Woody & SpicyEspresso81.2Yes
AltissioFull-bodied & CreamyEspresso90.85No
ArondioCereal & MildGran Lungo61No
Bianco ForteDark Roasted yet balancedMugBarista Creations1.1No
Bianco LeggeroSweet BiscuitMugBarista Creations1No
Caramel CookieCaramel FlavoredMugBarista Creations1.1No
ColombiaMaster Origin Colombia Washed Arabica. Fair Trade.Mug5Master Origins1.2No
Costa RicaMalty Sweet CerealGran Lungo71.1No
DecaffeinatoRound & MaltyMug61.1No
Decaffeinato IntensoDense & HarmoniousEspresso70.85No
Decaffeinato OntuosoMalty & UnctuousGran Lungo41No
DiavolittoHighly Intense & PowerfulEspresso110.85No
Dolce XLSmooth & RoundAlto XL41No
Double Espresso ChiaroDense & WildDouble Espresso61No
Double Espresso ScuroDark & BoldDouble Espresso81No
ElvazioDelicate & FruityMug41.1No
EthiopiaFruity & FloralGran Lungo4Master Origins1.1No
FortadoIntense & Full-bodiedGran Lungo81No
GiornioFloral & VelvetyMug41.1No
Half CaffeinatoSweet and velvetyMug51.1No
Hazelino MuffinHazelnut FlavoredMugBarista Creations1.1No
Ice ForteBold & Dark RoastedMugBarista Creations1.1No
Ice LeggeroFruity & LightMugBarista Creations1No
il CaffèLimited Edition. Cereal & SpicyEspresso111.1Yes
IntensoDeep and denseMug91.1No
Intenso XLSmooth & StrongAlto XL71.2No
Italia Amaretti FlavorLimited EditionMugVariations1.25Yes
Italia Pecan Biscotti FlavorLimited EditionMugVariations1.25Yes
MelozioSmooth & balancedMug61.1No
MexicoIntense & SpicedMug7Master Origins1.2No
OdacioBold & LivelyMug71.1No
Pumpkin Spice CakeLimited Edition. Sweet Pumpkin & CinnamonMug51.4Yes
SolelioFruity & light-bodiedMug21.1No
StormioRich & StrongMug81.1No
Vanilla Custard PieVanilla FlavoredMugBarista Creations1.1No
VoltessoLight & SweetEspresso40.85No
Cafecito de Puerto RicoLimited Edition. Spicy & IntenseDouble Espresso102Yes
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