May 9, 2021 How To Take Smart Notes Book Summary

The highlights of how to take smart notes and be awesome and making content.

April 30, 2021 Are you in product strategy? Join Reforge.

In Product? Invest in yourself with Reforge.

April 30, 2021 Help me make the best value adding organization in the country

Silly ask for people to join me

April 28, 2021 Clear Thinking and Technical Debt

Writing forces you to confront what you do not know. How Reforge helped me confront my technical debt.

April 27, 2021 The Secret to Being Persuasive

This is the secret to persuasion and it is simple.

April 26, 2021 Struggling with Performance Conversations? Listen to this podcast

I recommend listening to this podcast with Brendan Wovchko on performance coaching at work. Solid gold process on how to deal with difficult performance related conversations.

April 25, 2021 What does a Platform Quality Assurance Engineer Do?

What does a QA working at a platform level focus on in their job? I explain things I am looking for.

April 11, 2021 Reforge Growth Strategy

Essentials on the importance of growth for a product from Reforge.

April 11, 2021 Record Videos OBS Studio and iPad with Good Notes

Using OBS and an iPad to make interactive demos easier

April 7, 2021 Reforge Product Strategy Program and Internal Tooling Community

I am taking the Reforge Product Strategy program. I stumbled upon a community of product managers dedicated to internal tooling.

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