The power of vocal tonality

In my upcoming course I am launching I will cover a variety of persuasion techniques that capture your audience’s attention. There are quite a few techniques and they can be combined to make you incredibly persuasive. The simplest technique you can start using today is improving your vocal tonality.

What is vocal tonality

The way we speak is more impactful than the words we say. By using our built-in tools for communicating the tone of our message we can dramatically improve our success in persuading others. Do you speak like a monotone robot when you find a problem? Do you wonder why certain issues you find do not get prioritized appropriately?

Try this

Record yourself delivering the results of your software testing and listen to how you sound. Do you feel convinced? Do not worry about the sound of your voice exactly just focus on the tones or lack of tones you are using. In some ways the one of what we are communicating should be like a story. Set the scene, a challenge arises, paint the worst picture of what could happen if the status quo remains the same, and provide your audience the ability to jump in and want to fix the issue. The more consistent the whole package of communication is the more likely you are going to sell this bug and get it fixed.

Rise and fall of vocal tone

Tonality Resources

Check out Roger Love’s The Perfect Voice and his interview at the Awesome At Your Job Podcast he is the best expert on improving your vocal technique. Another great expert to listen to on tonality is Jordan Belfort he has developed a list of common tones that can help you think about who you are trying to convince about what.

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