Persuasive Software Testing Course Early Access

I am working through the editing of the videos I have recorded for the course. Unfortunately I have not done enough testing of the material and I want your feedback on what is working and what is not. Sign up for my newsletter to receive early access. I want to hear if you can start applying some of these ideas in your work and verify its proving to be valuable to you.

Sign up for my newsletter and receive Early Access

Once you sign up for my newsletter you will receive a bundle of a few of the videos from the course. I would love to hear your feedback on what you would find valuable and what additional materials could make this course more applicable to you and your life. I definitely want to take the extra time to offer additional resources outside of videos and hope those interested in early access can provide insights where I can provide additional content or information to make these techniques stick.

My Dream

My dream as an industry is that software testers become so effective and persuasive at their jobs I do not have to hear in the news about great calamities due to software bugs.

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