Possible Products I want to validate people might want

  • Introductory Quality Assurance Course

    • Focuses on mental models of approaching common tasks and how to think critically about them
    • Work products created from that analysis
    • Reporting bugs in an objective manner
  • Introductory Web Programming Course

    • Learn Python / C# / JavaScript for web application and script development
    • Use a database as part of a web application
    • Work with a front end framework for the website
  • Introductory Scraping Course

    • Learn CSS and Xpath selectors for interacting with elements
    • Store results in a database
  • Enterprise Technology Change Techniques

    • Learn about the tenacity and perseverance required to change companies at scale
    • Reflect on leadership and coaching techniques to help your teams be more effective
    • Rethink how you get things done and what is preventing broader success
  • Communicating Software Change in Large Enterprises

    • Develop a habit of creating mental models that communicate the complexity of your software
    • Diagnose teams that are not adhering to the models described in Team Topologies (Stream aligned, Enabling, Complicated Subsystem, Platform)
    • Using writing to pave the way for big changes as part of a strategic deployment
  • Introductory Platform Product Management Course

    • What do modern enterprise platforms look like?
    • What makes people in enterprises excited for product managers to take over the reins of their internal platforms?
    • Accepting that most people are not going to be happy about a commodity product like a platform
  • Advanced Techniques of Technological Leadership in Enterprises

    • This is not for everyone you must be a unique person that is good at business and at technology to surive
    • Three changes you will have to make before you are going to be successful
    • One hard truth that once you accept will prepare you for success

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