The Secret To Team Success on Your Next Initiative

Dev.Lab, an internal developer platform, became production-grade on 2/5/2021. A project of this size and scope faced many risks. One tool made the whole project a breeze. Imagine that you could make a project more successful with one action, would you try it? What if it felt a little silly? Cameron Herold’s Vivid Vision tool is that technique.

Vivid Vision

A Vivid Vision is a narrative to help your team visualize their success and think through the behaviors you want them to show. You leave your project to chance when you do not write a vivid vision. Dev.Lab is a white-glove hospitality-focused experience. How do you hope to keep everyone informed and aligned on the destination if it takes eighteen to twenty-four months? The Vivid Vision scales as people can read it and visualize success. They can understand the expectations and desired behaviors in the narrative. Who does not want to feel that they are part of something bigger than themselves? Do yourself a favor. Take a risk. Take a chance on a tool that might make your life easier. If it does not work, what did you lose? Nothing.

Reach out to others a few steps ahead of you

It is a big wide world out there. Someone has walked the path you are walking before you. Do your future self a favor and find these people. Now I know what you are thinking, “What if they say no or ignore me?" The answer is simple. Find someone else, they are not the best. Listen to Bo Eason’s story to become the best stage-performer. The best are generous. You can learn from them.

Praise your team and hold them accountable

You need to provide positive reinforcement of the behaviors you called out in your Vivid Vision. Praise is a rare thing. We all perk our ears up when we hear someone acknowledged for their actions. I stumbled upon Ken Cheo’s coaching content. One thing struck me from his slides. You get more results when you coach toward the behavior you want and you watch the implementation. One way to keep people accountable is consistency. Consistency is an innate desire as described by Robert Cialdini in his book Influence. Set a clear expectation with people and have them agree verbally or in writing. Follow up on that progress.


Make it easy for everyone to stop guessing what you are thinking. A vivid vision document, while silly, will save your business wasted effort, time, and conflict. Other people are on journeys like yours. If they are the best, then they have time for you. People are observing and thinking about what you value. Make it explicit. Do you want more of that? Call it out. Champion those that are serving the broader mission. Accountability is easy if your expectations are clear. You kindly remind people. “I noticed you agreed to this action, are you still committed?”

  • Write a Vivid Vision and share it out
  • Reach out to others a few steps ahead of you
  • Praise your team when they hit goals and hold them accountable when they do not