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A Highly Successful Cross-Functional Platform Team Effort and the five leadership books that helped

Successful team effort due to leadership skills

Kubernetes Home Lab with K3s and Rancher Server

I set up a local instance of Rancher and K3s with my commodity hardware

Are you the Product Manager you want to be?

What type of product manager are you and is that what you want to be doing?

Do the Real Thing in Software Development

Focus on doing real things in your business and it might mean doing less

Inward Facing Platform Product Management

Inward facing platform product management is challenging and not widely discussed

Persuasive Software Testing Early Access

Sign up with your email and receive early access to a portion of the course content

Influencing Change

How do you convince others to make a change?

My March 2019 Influential Books and Podcasts

Books and podcasts that have helped me recently

The Evolution of Software Testing

Where testing was and where it is going

Using Python to programmatically distort images

Using python and the imgaug library to generate distorted images for testing

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