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Attending Hack MidWest Hackathon with Veterans United Home Loans

Attending my first hackathon with work buddies and winning a prize!

Creating a Plugin for Netflix Security Monkey

I created a plugin for the netflix security monkey application. I learned a few new things while doing this.

Learning How To Learn

My interests lie in learning new things quickly and recently participating in a small group I decided to document my process for...

Agile Testing Days 2018

I came back from a conference and learned many new things related to how other people are doing their software testing.

One off Scripts

How FSharp interactive can be an option for running one off scripts

F# Foundation Mentorship Program

Taking part in open-source development with the F# foundation mentorship initiative

Solving the Right Problems

How do we focus on solving the right problems for our team, peers, clients, and community? What does it take to be patient in solving...

Contributing to My First Open Source F# Project

I worked on my first contribution to a major F# project. I learned a lot about writing idiomatic F# and now my code is part of a major...

Embracing Dot Net and F#

Guiding your career should be based on taking on harder and harder challenges and not just the tech stack. It's normal to feel hesitant...

Maximizing Impact of Software Delivery Teams

What are the strategies that software delivery teams do to make an outsize impact on their organization? Where is the emphasis and focus?

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