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Persuasive Software Testing Early Access

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Selling Bugs using Vocal Tone to make your case

A sample of a topic in my persuasion course

Selling Bugs for Software Testers Course

A course on being a more persuasive software tester

Influencing Change

How do you convince others to make a change?

The Evolution of Software Testing

Where testing was and where it is going

Using Python to programmatically distort images

Using python and the imgaug library to generate distorted images for testing

How does Quality Engineering Relate to DevOps?

How can embracing devops lead to higher outcome of quality software? How can quality engineers lead/guide this effort?

What does a Software Quality Engineer Do Exactly?

What does the role of a Software Quality Engineer or a Software Developer in Test entail? Where is the value add for a team and how can...

Teaching Others About What Quality Engineers Do. Teaching Testing to Non-Testers

Creating software is a different mindset than critiquing it