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Hobby Projects

Looking into a course on testing AI products with AI Career Boost and I will record what I learned on YouTube.


• The Art of AI Product Development

Personal Knowledge Writing

Rough Outline:

• Condense - Transform between a grape to a raisin.

• Index Cards - Take the essence and write it down between three to five lines and consider boxes to seperate, join, add, link and divide ideas.

• Organize - When you have enough content that you are overwhelmed make or find a framework for the outcome you want to achieve.

• Plan - What am I trying to achieve, make a picture and connect all potential ideas, group the ideas, layout all sequential steps.

Next Months Influences

Reading a variety of books slowly. In 2024, I am not reading new books published this year.

Where do I live?

Columbia, Missouri, USA.

What is my profession?

QA Engineering.

• Creating, updating, maintaining business rules and testing.

• Teaching the practice of software testing.